Upgraded my Work Nook !

I am one of the lucky few who gets to work from home just because my entire team (and all the people i support) is based on the western hemisphere. 

Because of this, i decided that it's definitely high time to invest on a space where i spend a good portion of my day. 

Here's what it looks like now : 

Closer look :

I didn't buy everything at once. I managed to snag a couple of great deals from holiday sales. 

The office chair was at 50% off. From Php 7000, i got it for only 3500 from True Value across the street. The monitors,  wireless kb and mouse were something ive had for a while. The all in one printer and wireless headset (that i use for conference calls) are both heaven sent from my angel. Hehe. 

The latest one i got was this beautiful L-shaped tempered glass table from Dimensione. It was on sale with just 10% off, but for Php 9000 i feel that this is still such a steal. 

For reference, this was my old desk + chair combo :

LMAO. So pathetic looking. Hahaha. 
My new setup is such a huge improvement IMO. I am beyond ecstatic. This new nook of mine is so refreshingly inspiring. 

What do yall think? 

I'd love to see what other peeps work area looks like. I might be able to get some tips and hacks for organizing. Please do share :)


PS. All snaps are taken using my iphone. Sorry for the bad pic quality. 

Going Crazy over ShoeCrazeee

 Hey guys.. I suck so bad at this blogging thing, i know.. but just wanna tell ya’ll that i read every single one of your posts.. it’s part of my daily routine.. hehe..

Anyway, I have been ogling at this online store for months! I mean months.. :)

Shoecrazeee is so addicting.. even just for “window” shopping.. i just love to browse through their shoe albums, be it boots, flats, heels or wedges.. the styles are just so diverse that u’ll certainly something you would fancy..
I’ve been browsing for months and i did find stuff that i really like but there were some things that we’re holding me back :
1. i dunno what my size would be.. i’m usually a 7 to 7.5 but there are some brands that I’m either an 8 or 8.5
2. i just don’t like pre-orders especially if it’s my first time to buy in an online store and i am not sure if  i’ll be satisfied with the quality.

I tried googling reviews about the store so i can check what the actual pictures would look like.

We all know that there are some online stores that has super awesome product photos.. but when you actually get the product, you’ll get disappointed that the product u bought looks different(in a bad way) from the photo you saw on the site when u ordered.

Unfortch, there were just 2 reviews/posts i found.. (one’s from one of my girl crushes here in bloggerworld : Tish :).. check out here post! )

Good thing though i found something i like on their SALE album..
It’s on sale, it’s on-hand and it’s my size 7.5.. it’s just fate! haha

So here it is..
I got it for Php 1350.00.. it might be pricey for some but the quality and fit just makes it so worth it..

It’s comfy to wear even at 4” (i think) because the platform helps..
The leather is nice..
It doesn’t rub against my soles the wrong way and
the most important thing to consider when buying heels is that it doesn’t wobble..

it’s very sturdy so it makes it easy for walking.. no more walking around looking like your in pain or something.. hehe

How it looks like when worn :

I think it looks sexy with jeans but even more so with shorts/skirts

I’ve worn this a couple of times at work and I am loving it!

Since i found my optimal size on Shoecrazeee.. i think i am now ready to join their pre-order! woot!

But dang! it’s just too hard to choose.. i wanna get them all..

Let me show you what I am talking about :
clip_image001image  image
clip_image002clip_image003clip_image004clip_image005clip_image006clip_image009clip_image007clip_image010clip_image011 clip_image008image clip_image001[4]
A lot! i know.. and all heels!
They do have some boots, wedges and flats but I am more of a heels type-a-girl..

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the shoeporn.. hehe..

*shoe photos taken from Shoecrazeee’s webbie